Veggie Overload at Bou Savy Guesthouse

We changed into our "tour" outfits and just watched tv as we waited for our lunch to be ready. The staff finally called us up and we went down to the guesthouse's restaurant.

Bou Savy Restaurant

This was the "free dinner" I was talking about in my previous post.  Luckily they granted our request to serve it for lunch. It was only 10:30 am in Siem Reap - too early for lunch time, but our tummies do follow Manila time. Hehe.

For the amount of food they served to us, who would think this is free? Mostly are vegetable dishes though but they tasted good. We didn't know exactly what most of the dishes are called so pardon my not-so-helpful description.

Vegetable Stir Fry (carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, chinese cabbage)

eggplant with minced chicken

pork and pineapple

stir fried kangkong


pork curry

After that filling lunch, we went back to our rooms and prepped for our temple tour that afternoon.


  1. ansave ng free?! Bonngga! :D Dami naman. and ung pork na pininyanan prang pinyang pinorkan. haha! :D excited for your next blog post!


    1. hahaha. nakakatawa yung "pinyang pinorkan". hindi talaga sila mahilig sa gulay. =p

  2. dahil makapal ang fez ansarap ng libre


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