Petronas Skybridge and Observation Deck

We were left with only a few minutes before our tour so we  just grabbed some snacks at Taste, ate them at the lobby and headed to the tower entrance.

We were the first ones to line up for the 3pm batch. To know how we were able to secure our tickets, you can read it here.

We were handed our IDs then we were ushered inside.  IDs by the way, are color coded per batch. Ours was black.

our IDs and tickets

Inside, there was a short orientation via a projection on a fog/mist screen.

We then took the elevator up to the 41st floor.

 Welcome to the Skybridge!

Advantage of getting in line early for your scheduled visit: You'll be able to take photos without other tourists at the background. hehe.

The view from the 41st floor is amazing...

 KLCC Park

After a few minutes, a new batch of visitors in red IDs arrived. We were then ushered to the other end of the bridge where we took a smaller elevator and went all the way up to the the observation deck on the 86th floor.

Petronas Twin Towers Model

Kuala Lumpur buildings

We were this high...

the "twin"

group shot at the observation deck

We again played with the interactive screen.

The pinnacles house the window washing equipment for the towers.

Ring Ball

And then the guide called our attention announcing the end of our visit and ushered us back to the elevator. As soon as we got back on the concourse level, we checked out the stuff at the souvenir shop.