Touch Down Siem Reap

We've really been dreaming to see the Angkor Wat and it's finally happening. The plane landed at 7:50 AM (Siem Reap Local Time) - 2 hours after we left LCCT. Time difference between Kuala Lumpur/Manila and Siem Reap is 1 hour so our watches actually read 8:50 AM.

This was the view a few minutes before we landed.

 Upon exiting the airplane door, we can see the orange morning sky and breathe the fresh country air.

The airport is small but modern. It's architecture is based on traditional Khmer style.

Everyone except for Ligster went through the immigration smoothly. She wasn't given an arrival card during our flight and she had a difficulty finding one at the airport. But it only took a while before she finished the process.

Baggage Claim

The airport is almost empty that time. There were no other planes that landed apart from ours and our flight was not full either.

Outside the arrival hall, we were swarmed by tutktuk drivers offering us a ride to the town. Thankfully we have made a reservation with Bou Savy Guesthouse.

This is King Babu - one of Bou Savy Guesthouse's staff. Upon seeing our group with our big luggage, he then realized that we can't fit into one tuktuk and had to request for backup. Hehe. He apologized and asked us to wait for another 10 minutes.

Jego and King Babu

While waiting, we stayed at the Asian Spices Restaurant located at the arrival area and ordered some coffee.

We didn't have riels (Cambodian money) so we payed for our orders using our loose dollars. US dollars by the way, are widely accepted in Cambodia.

Our change was given in riels. $1 = 4049 KHR (Riels) or roughly around Php 43. So if you think you become rich by having thousands of Cambodian money, then think again. Haha!

Finally the 2 additional tuktuks arrived. 3 in each of the 2 tuktuks and all our luggage are placed on the 3rd tuktuk.

And then we zoomed off!


We never got to know the real name of King Babu. He was just introduced to us by his fellow driver by that name. =) 


  1. Ang saya na tuktuk pala ang sumundo sa inyo hehe. Will be here October, and heard alot of good feeback about Bou Savvy :)

    1. yeah, actually yun ang mode of transpo nila sa SR. Bou Savy really deserves good feedbacks. ang bait ng staff. parang family ang treatment nila sa guests. =)

  2. oh i miss siem reap! i'm looking forward to more posts about siem reap kasi it's one of my favorite places.

    1. bitin nga eh. we only spent a night there and marami pang places na hindi namin napuntahan.

  3. gorgeous temple pics... excited to go here the week before christmas... will spend christmas in vietnam...

    Question..if we want to see the sunrise in angkor wat...we have to buy the 3 day pass? or we just have to tell the tour to angkor wat that we will start the tour by super early? kasi we intend to get the 1 day pass since we have one whole day to do the temple tour



    1. Since we arrived at Siem Reap after sunrise and left by noon time the next day, 3 day pass was the best option for us to tour most of the temples and also see Angkor Wat by sunrise. It will really depend on your schedule. You have to be at the complex at least 530am.


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