Apsara Dance Show and Dinner Buffet

With the many restaurants offering lunch and dinner buffet with apsara dance performances, it was hard to decide which is the best one so we just took what Bou Savy Guesthouse offers.

Our tuktuk drivers, Sina and King Babu, brought us to Amazon Angkor Restaurant, located a few minutes away from the guesthouse.

Amazon Angkor Restaurant

The buffet dinner is from 6pm-9:30pm with an Apsara performance that starts at 7:30 PM.

 Forgive me but I'm more excited with the buffet spread than the cultural show.

We arrived before 7pm so we had plenty of time to get our food from the buffet table before the show starts.

The spread is a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and of course their local Khmer cuisine. Here are some of the photos I took while still deciding on what to get.

mixed vegetable salad

Maki Sushi

Fish Amok

French Bread and Soup

fried eggplant with pork


Crispy Chicken

fresh spring rolls

The satay was a hit (not in picture). We had to line up for it and they were only giving 2 sticks per guest. We needed to line up again to ask for more.

For dessert, they have some native delicacies - fried bananas, gelatin, etc.

They also serve tropical fresh fruits and my most favorite - coconut popsicles! I think I ate 3. =p

We were seated on the far left but still had a nice view of the stage.

 the band

the opening act

Coconut dance


Fishermen's Dance

the final act

photo-op at the end of the show

the band


  1. how much for the show and buffet? :)

    1. We paid $11 each. That's for the buffet and the show already =)


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