Angkor Archaeological Park - Angkor Wat

The Angkor Archaelogical Park is about 7km away from town. The best way to get there is by hiring a tuktuk. We are fortunate that Bou Savy offers tours to Angkor so we decided to get it from them.

the five towers of Angkor Wat - a photographer's most favorite spot
The arrival of our tour guide at the guesthouse signaled our departure to Angkor.

protecting our hair from being frizzy. Hehe.

We passed by some handicaps biking along the highway. They have customized bikes which they control with the use of their hands.

Entrance to the complex is not free. On our way there, we stopped by the tourist information center to secure a pass.

There are 3 types of pass, a 1-day pass worth $20, a 3-day pass worth $40 and a 1-week pass worth $60. We got the 3-day pass. We lined up at the booth and had our photos taken and after a minute, we were handed our paper IDs.

there's something odd in our IDs - it says 3-day pass but expires after a week. Hehe!

We were reminded to keep our IDs safe as we need to show them on every checkpoint. If we lose it, we have to buy another one.

our tour guide - showing us the map and giving us an introduction of Angkor

We drove for another couple of minutes and soon we arrived at Angkor Wat.

outer walls of the angkor wat surrounded by a moat

Our drivers handed us our bottled of cold water (free) and then our tour guide ushered us to the bridge. We presented our IDs to the staff and had them punched.

Bou Savy - Free Drinks

bas reliefs

Among these bas reliefs, our tour guide showed us some of the bullet holes caused by the Khmer rouge troops.

a statue of the Hindu god, Vishnu

an apsara

Naga - a multi-headed snake which is believed to guard the gates of the temple

souvenir shops selling clothes, paintings,sculptures, etc.

access to most temples are through wooden stairs since most of the original ones are too steep or have fallen off.

more bas reliefs depicting scenes from the epic "Ramayana"

wooden platforms on every doorway

Some of the parts of the complex are still closed for restoration.

These blocks of stones came from the walls that fell off.

There are no dress codes when visiting the Angkor Wat except on the upper level. The lady in pink shirt lent me this malong so I can go up to the temple. There is no rental fee but we still gave her a dollar, I think.

view from the upper level at the innermost complex

Look at how steep the stairs is. It can get really tricky going up and down wearing a long skirt.

buddhist monks

 Right after our Angkor Wat tour, we continued on to the other temples.

How much did we spend for the tour?

Tuktuk Rental ($25x2): $50 (good for 2 days) / 6
Tour Guide: $50 (good for 2 days) /6
Angkor Pass: $40 (each, good for 3 days)
+ tip.


  1. nice post, hope to visit this place next year! thanks for sharing:-)

  2. Great Photos! Buhay na buhay! ;)

  3. Hi! We booked Bou Savy as our place in Siem Reap. Yung tour guide and tuktuk drivers din ba ginamit nyo to tour Angkor Wat? Mas mura kasi offer nila than other professional tour guides.


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