Cambodia - Vietnam Border Crossing

Waking up early has become normal for us in this week-long journey. On the day we were traveling to Ho Chi Minh, everyone was up by 5am. We took a shower, packed our stuff and waited for our pick-up at the guesthouse's reception area. 

Mekong Express pick-up van

Our pick-up arrived on time and took us to the Mekong Express bus terminal. Buses going to Ho Chi Minh normally leaves at Orussey market.

Orussey Market

We went inside the Mekong Express ticket office and handed our tickets and passports. Good thing for us Filipinos, we are not required to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam and so the whole process was a breeze.

This was our ride for our trip to Ho Chi Minh. We left at exactly 8:30 am. Just like our Siem Reap - Phnom Penh trip, bottled water, snacks (2 kinds of bread) and wet tissue are included in our $12 ticket.

Mekong Express Bus

Near the Orussey market is Capitol Guesthouse, a  cheaper accommodation for backpackers. It also offers tours arrangements to Ho Chi Minh and other parts of Cambodia.

An hour and half on our trip, the bus slowed down. Traffic started building up.

French Baguettes being peddled in Cambodia

Krolan - a sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes

I later found out that our bus was about to board a barge. We were crossing the Mekong River.

It took only 10 minutes and we finally reached the other side of the river. And we continued our journey for another hour and a half and soon we arrived at Bavet town Cambodian's border to Vietnam.

Winn Casino near the border

We stopped over for lunch before crossing the border.

The staff at the eatery doesn't understand English so we just pointed our orders.


pork steak, steamed vegetables with prahok (fermented fish paste)

romaine lettuce and fish

Upon reaching the Cambodian border, we got off the bus and lined up at the immigration.

Bavet border

exit passports control




We went back to the bus and the stewardess collected our passports to have them processed at the Vietnamese border. The Moc Bai border was a just a short distance away from Bavet and again we were asked to get off the bus this time with our baggage.

We entered this building together with other tourists. One by one, names were being called and the passports were handed back to the owner. After securing our passports, we proceeded to the security check to have our baggage scanned then went back to the bus.

The bus left as soon as all passengers were in.

It took another 2 hours before finally arriving at Ho Chi Minh.

We got off at Pham Ngu Lao District and looked for Nguyen Khang Hotel.


  1. We're always fascinated with land border crossing. Ito lang ata yung time na you'll step two countries in short span of time. We'll experience it as well next week :)

    1. Ako naman I prefer taking the plane. mainipin ako eh. hehe. good luck on your trip!

  2. I crossed this border from Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh. Really interesting trip especially the river crossing. :)

    We stayed in Capitol Guesthouse and so far, it's the cheapest hostel I've ever been in. 3 USD per person for a really big twin room, ensuite, with TV. :)

    1. The one we stayed at (Velkommen Guesthouse) was $6 per head. =p

  3. I agree with bound for two nakakatuwa nga na lalakad ka lang ibang country na.isa sa hindi ko makakalimutang sight yung nakita ko sa border ng cambodia at thailand.napatanong tuloy ako kung kelangan pa ba tatakan ang passports ng mga locals around the border everytime tatawid sila kasi kung ganun sa maghapon puno na passport nila hahaha

    1. hahaha. onga no? may tatak pa raw ba sila? or may agreement between the two countries?

  4. wow thank you sa post. currently on board the giant ibis now bound for phnom penh from siem reap. bukas we'll tread the pp-hcmc path din. kaya lang we'll take the 2pm mekong bus pa dapat. aabutin pa kaya ang border na open niyan? yun din kasi last trip ng mekong bus.

    1. sorry I wasn't able to reply ASAP. how was your border crossing experience?


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