Overnight in Phnom Penh

We ate dinner. We got a massage. We slept. That's how we spent our 12 hour transit in Phnom Penh en route to Ho Chi Minh. I hate to admit it but we haven't seen any attraction in Phnom Penh. Museums and markets, though only a couple of blocks away from where we're staying, are already closed by 5. While there is a night market nearby, it only operates during weekends.

dinner along Sisowath Quay

Going to Phnom Penh was really not part of the original plan. The only reason why we ended up there was to avoid the 14-hour bus ride from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh. I once planned that we take the night bus – leaving Siem Reap by 11pm and arriving Ho Chi Minh around 3pm the next day. That way we can save on a night’s accommodation (in SR) and still have time to tour the city (HCM) in the afternoon.  But after reading about an accident involving a bus going that route and leaving a Filipina injured, I immediately scrapped the idea of it. Safety is our priority. Another option was to take the plane (Vietnam Air). But $225 per ticket? Thanks, but no thanks.

We got to our hotel around 8pm. After getting some rest, we went out to explore the area for some place to eat.

The Riverfront Area in Phnom Penh is like a smaller version of Ermita in Manila with Sisowath Boulevard as their mini Roxas Blvd and Sisowath Quay as our "Baywalk".

 motos for rent

This main boulevard facing the Tonle Sap river together and the neighboring streets are lined with restaurants and pubs mostly filled with Westerners. We got a lot options for dinner but we settled with the one near our hotel - Kandal House Cafe Pub.

Kandal House Cafe Pub

inside the restaraunt

fried morning glory

Anchor Smooth, unlike the Angkor beer which we had in Siem Reap, is actually a product of Malaysia.

After dinner, we went for a walk around the area and had a massage at a small massage parlor across our hotel.



  1. Ayun, tunay na Anchor. hehehe.

    natawa ako sa "No Sex Abuse" (meaning pwede pla talaga wag lang abusuhin). nyahahaha

    1. Meron din signage akong nakuhanan sa isang spa sa Phuket. 'No S*x No S*x No S*x' hahahaha!

  2. kapag ang picture may fried rice and egg alam na kung kaninong pagkain yun haha!


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